Wedding Suits Dublin – Get the Right Fit from Bond Brothers

Wedding Suits Dublin – Get the Right Fit from Bond Brothers

Wedding Suits Dublin

So you’ve found a Wedding Suits Dublin you like, and everything about it is great except the size and fit. What do you do now? Well, read on to find out and ensure that you end up with a comfy and stylish suit that you can enjoy for the rest of the day.

The key to looking good at any wedding is to make sure your Wedding Suits Dublin fits properly. To begin, put on the suit, as well as the shoes, shirt, and tie that you will be wearing on the day. This is crucial since they will affect how the suit looks, feels, and fits.

Place your arms by your sides, flat against your legs, and your hands and fingers flat against your legs. The hem of the jacket should not be longer than the length of your middle finger as it is currently. Make sure the shirt’s cuff is visible, but not the cuff links. If it doesn’t, you’ll need a longer-sleeved shirt from Men’s Clothing Store Dublin. The length of the jacket sleeve should comfortably extend past your wrist on the hand side.

Look in a mirror, with your trousers on and done up comfortably, at the bottom of them, keeping your legs straight. They should only reveal about 3/4 of an inch of your shoe heel in the rear, and they should overlap your shoes slightly and lay snuggly on the top in the front. A double breasted jacket would appear better on a taller man than it would on a shorter man, so use your discretion as to whether the style matches your physique. To achieve a more debonair look, have the jacket taken in slightly around the waist and a little extra padding in the shoulders. This is a basic method to ensuring that your wedding suits men fits properly.

Setting a new standard in dress hire, Bond Brothers formalwear for men is an exciting, new formalwear company, providing unrivalled customer service and personal attention together with our impressive collection of both classical and modern formalwear.

Our formalwear collection, rich in colours, lavish in textures and cutting edge style, provides you with an array of options, guaranteed to produce a stylish ensemble, perfect for your special day.

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