At Bond Brothers we are committed to offering you the highest quality product at the best price. We have a range of packages tailored to meet your needs.


Wedding Wear

Our Packages can be tailored to suit individual requirements.


Evening Wear
Two Piece Suit – Jacket & Trousers From €64.50      
Two Piece, Shirt, Cufflinks, & Bow Tie From €79.50
Evening Tails – Complete Outfit From €150
Highland Wear

Highland Packages – From €225.

Highland packages include kilt, jacket, waistcoat (or dress belt), shirt, tie (or cravat or bow tie), flashes, skean dhu, kilt pin, brogues and sporran.

There is also an additional €10 charge for black shirts.


Dress shirt & cufflinks From €20
Dress shoes From €25
Waistcoat From €25
Cravat/Tie From €5
Cufflinks From €5
White Bow Tie €10


Items For Sale
Two Piece Tuxedo (ex-rental) From €150   
Dress Shoes ( Leather or Patent) From €47.50   
Fashion Cufflinks From €15
Cravats & Ties (All colours) From €15
Dress Shirt From €25


For more details on prices please contact us 01-2967744 or visit our newly renovated showroom.

Bond Brothers, 8 Willowfield Park, Goatstown, Dublin 14