1. Why choose Bond Brothers?

We are an award winning independent company that is committed to giving you the best on offer. At Bond Brothers we feel you must choose a company who you can be confident in. When choosing your hire company you should always take into account that as well as high quality garments and numerous choices you are also paying for a service. All our staff are fully trained with many years of experience between them. All Bond Brothers staff are there to be on hand for all the questions you may have and will also organise your outfits ready for collection with only the highest quality pieces being arranged for you.

2. When should we be thinking about booking?

For Weddings we suggest that you book as early as you can and no later than 10 weeks. We are always trying to update our stock to offer the more modern and tailored cuts resulting in a huge increase in orders and higher demand for our outfits. Booking as early as possible simply avoids any disappointment. It should also ensure that you have the biggest possible choice of styles and sizes available to you.

3. Do we need to make an appointment?

Yes we recommend that you book an appointment and you can do so by contacting us through the website right here or by calling us on 01-2967744. Although we do try to accommodate walk-ins, we may have to ask you to come in either later that same day, or another day altogether if we have previous appointments made.

4. I have never hired suits before, what’s the routine?

Usually you would visit us in store, choose some outfits which you may like and try them on, building up a look with different waistcoats, neckwear and accessories. Throughout this process we will be taking down the sizes you are fitting on, as well as recommending style choices that will complement the looks you have chosen. We will discuss all your options with you and give you a full quote with everything you require.

Once you have chosen your outfits you will need to pay at least a €100 booking deposit to secure your order. This allows us to put your wedding onto our system and guarantees we will provide your suits.

We would then ask you to send in your groomsmen to be measured.

Your suits will then be ready to collect 3-7 days before the wedding and are due to be returned to us 2 days after the wedding. The suits simply need to be taken off, put back free older celebrity pokies in the suit carriers and bought back to us. We’ll take care of the dry cleaning and pressing of the suits.

5. Who should come in for the initial appointment?

We would recommend that for your first appointment it should be the bride and groom. This helps to keep opinions to a minimum and helps you to choose exactly what it is you are after.

6. Our groomsmen live in different countries, is it ok for them to measure themselves ?

We have provided a sizing guide on our website that will take you through the steps you need to measure yourself. However we highly recommend that they get measured by a professional as it’s very rare that somebody gets there exact measurements right by doing it themselves.

7. Do you do any discounts?

Yes, we often have special offers available for you take advantage of. You can see all our current offers on our Pricing Guide . When creating your quote, our staff will also include any discounts you are eligible for to give you the best possible price.

8. What happens if something isn’t right when we collect it?

At Bond Brothers we are totally committed to ensuring that everything goes off smoothly and without problems as we realise that you have plenty of other things to be thinking about! However some things may be out of our control, such as weight fluctuations. This is why there are procedures in place to try to eliminate these things from happening. For example if someone thinks they have put on or lost weight we would recommend they come for a 2nd fitting closer to the wedding date. It is the same with children. We will do an initial fitting for children but request they return 3 weeks before the wedding for a final fitting.

It is sometimes the case that groomsmen don’t notice a change in size until they try our suits on. As we carry all of our stock in store, we can offer exchanges in the majority of cases. We provide the suits 3-7 days before the wedding, and emphasise that everyone try their suits on that same evening. This will give us time to organise getting any alternative sizes to you.

On the rare occasion that we make a mistake, be it the wrong colour cravat, or an unfinished trouser hem, we will endeavour to put it right. After all, we are only human. If anything is amiss, let us know as soon as possible to give us as much time to get replacements to you in time for the wedding.

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