Made to Measure Suits

Made to Measure Suits. Every detail made for you. Book an appointment and get your suit within two weeks of order.

Made to Measure Suits

We have put together a guide of some do’s and don’ts to help you in the process. 


You want to aim to have a beautiful Made to Measure Suits: the more you do to a made-to-measure suit and because the options are there, the temptation is to do it all – the less special it can look.

Get some ideas on what you want your suits to look like – do a bit of  research to avoid all those choices proving overwhelming, we love people coming in having some idea of what they want made. 

What do you want the Made to Measure Suit for and keep this in mind – a suit that needs to be worn most days to the office is a very different animal to one that might only be worn once for you big wedding day. That said, you still might want to make choices that will allow you to get value out of your suit after your wedding day.

We think it is very important to pick a style and a cloth that doesn’t quickly date, it’s important that you made to measure suits stands up to the test of time.

It’s very important you feel comfortable in whichever tailoring house you use – if you don’t feel comfortable, go somewhere else.


Assume that because a tailor is not based on Saville Row– or some equally ‘expensive’ street – that it isn’t any good. A better deal and great expertise might be found with a local tailor (us), for example. 

Worry too much about increased costs, if you can. It will increase your bill but, if you intend to wear your made-to-measure suit a lot, it’s a smart move to have a second pair of trousers made – as it’s trousers that are likely to wear out fastest.

Be intimidated because you are new to this process: most tailors find it a pleasure to work with such people because they really take care over their choices.

Forget that once your details and preferences are held on file by your tailor, the process of having a second made-to-measure suit made by them will be considerably smoother – if you need it to be.


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