Great Groom’s Speech Tips

Great Groom’s Speech Tips

Most grooms don’t fully relax on their wedding day until their speech is over!

Typically, the groom’s speech is about the bride – his wife and about their future together and to thank the people involved in making their wedding a memorable occasion.


Thanking the Father of the Bride

  • Thank the Bride’s father for proposing the toast
  • For his kindness and friendship
  • For his daughter
  • For the wedding feast (if appropriate)


Thanking the Guests

  • for attending
  • for their good wishes
  • Everyone for their wedding gifts


Thanking the Bride, His Newly Wed Wife

  • Thank your new wife for marrying you!
  • Talk about how you met
  • Talk about why you love your wife
  • Talk about your future together


Thank Individuals

  • Thank those who have helped organize and plan the event.
  • Thank the Bridesmaids who have helped your wife through the day. Comment on their charm & beauty – not too much, though, as you may make your new wife jealous!
  • Thank the groomsmen and the Best Man


As well as the traditional thanks, the Groom may wish to add a few words about how he met his wife, activities they share, etc. Gentle teasing is in order.

The grooms speech usually thanks more people than any of the other speakers.


The idea of making a speech in front of all of your nearest and dearest, including your new mother and father-in-law, is almost enough to make you a runaway groom.


The key to writing good groom wedding speeches is keeping your speech personal and genuine. This is the most important moment of your life, it’s easy to feel anxious, but for a lot of people this is just an excuse to drink a few drinks and cut loose on the dance floor. So relax and take it all in. Have fun with it. Everyone is here to love and support you and your bride. They want to see you succeed.


By following a few simple steps, you can write a good wedding speech that will be a showstopper.


1. Breathe. Take a deep breath before you start. Wait a minute! Not too many, you don’t want to hyperventilate, but chances are, while you’ve been anticipating this moment, you’ve probably been holding your breath. So, pause and catch it before you go on. It’ll feel like forever with all of those eyes on you, but no one else will even notice.


2. Keep your groom wedding speech brief – This isn’t a moment to memorialize every experience you have had or plan to have with your bride. Save that for the honeymoon. Try to keep it under a few minutes. It’ll just feel like a few seconds to you when you’re in the moment, but trust me, everyone else will appreciate your brevity. They’re probably wearing uncomfortable shoes, after all.


3. Relax and speak from the heart. have fun with it! Don’t worry about impressing people with your vocabulary. These are the people closest to you, talk to them like you would at the dinner table. It’ll help to draw them in.


4. Share one or two personal stories – they can make groom speeches really special. Did you know you’d marry her the moment you met your bride? Tell us about it. Was your first date a disaster? Tell them how you scored a second one. Was your bride actually interested in your best friend? How’d you win her heart? Do you all have an interesting hobby no one knows about? Spill the beans. Let your guests into your lives a little bit. A lot of people may only know you as individuals. Help them get to know the couple. One little tip: if you’re planning to share a story that’s slightly embarrassing, consult your bride first. She may be the type who loves a little self depricating humor, or that may be her worst nightmare. It is her day afterall, don’t throw her under the bus. No matter what, if you’re going to embarass her. Make sure you embarrass yourself more!


5. Don’t read off a card. You’ll be more engaged if you share your groom speech like you’re telling a story or having a conversation, so think about what you’d like to say, give yourself a few keywords to help you remember the flow (write those down if you need to), practice a few times and go! People will be more interested and connected if they feel like you’re talking to them rather than lecturing them.

So, those are five essential points that hold true not only for the groom wedding speech but for all wedding speeches you may ever need to give. Enjoy every moment! This is your wedding day. Even if your groom wedding speech is a bit awkward, no one will really notice or care and the day will be amazing no matter what. At the very least it’ll make for a great story at your 50th anniversary party! Plus, the faster you get it over with, the sooner you can move on to your honeymoon!

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