7 Wedding Decisions That Absolutely Require The Groom’s Input

7 Wedding Decisions That Absolutely Require The Groom’s Input

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When it comes to wedding planning, the focus is almost always on the bride.  So it’s easy to forget that it’s also the groom’s day. And while we’re sure he’ll defer to you on most decisions, there are times when his opinions should be taken seriously. Here are seven times when it’s a good idea to let your fiancé have his say.

His Attire

While you might envision your groom waiting for you at the altar in tails and a top hat, if he’s not feeling it, don’t force the issue. You want him to look and feel his best on the big day, so unless he wants to show up in sweatpants or a powder blue tux, let him choose his own attire.  You could always direct him towards Bond Brothers who will be delighted to help find just the right outfit !

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The Bar

The type of booze being served at the reception is usually more important to the groom than it is to the bride. So if serving a variety of beers from around the world will make him truly happy, go with it–as long as it doesn’t throw you massively over budget.

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His Family

He (or maybe his parents) will know best who to invite and where to seat them at the wedding. There are always issues within families that you might not even realize, so you can handle your side of the guest list and let them tackle their side.

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The First Dance

You might have watched dozens of YouTube videos of couples performing carefully choreographed first dances and thought, “We could do that!” But your groom might feel otherwise. If you try to force him into doing something out of his comfort zone, it will looked forced (and possibly uncomfortable) on the big day.

first dance

His Groomsmen

You don’t need to have an even number of bridesmaids and groomsmen at the altar (trust us), so if your man only wants his three best friends to stand with him on his wedding day, that’s fine—even if you have seven maids standing next to you.


The Food

If a man knows one thing, it’s how to eat. So definitely have him accompany you to any tastings and take his opinions seriously.

wedding food

The Honeymoon

You should definitely choose where you would like to spend your first days as husband and wife together, but once you narrow down on a destination, let your groom take over the planning if he wishes. You will have so much to do with the actual wedding, you don’t need any additional stress.

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