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10th Jul 2015 | Published by Bond Brothers

Black Tie Basics

black tie pic

Black tie means a tuxedo or a dinner jacket. The tuxedo is usually black, but in summer, white jackets are often worn instead. The key to dressing up, though, is to have fun while looking good. When you’re wearing a tux, you should be wearing a white tuxedo shirt with French cuffs and a wing […]

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31st Jul 2014 | Published by Bond Brothers

The Bond Brothers Guide to Ties


What’s the best way to wear a tie? Read on…. The tie occupies a unique place in the modern Irish Man’s wardrobe. In years gone by many men wore a tie on a daily basis. It conferred an air of importance on its wearer. Now, with the advent of the smart casual office dress code, […]

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29th Jul 2014 | Published by Bond Brothers
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