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The Dos And Don’ts Of Having A Wedding Hashtag


Thanks to smart phones, couples can rely on more than just their photographer to document every detail of their wedding day. In fact, guests can sometimes capture behind-the-scenes moments and perspectives that the bride and groom might miss during their whirlwind day. To make sure they see all of it, many couples are creating wedding […]

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31st Aug 2015 | Published by Bond Brothers

7 Wedding Decisions That Absolutely Require The Groom’s Input

couple planning wedding

When it comes to wedding planning, the focus is almost always on the bride.  So it’s easy to forget that it’s also the groom’s day. And while we’re sure he’ll defer to you on most decisions, there are times when his opinions should be taken seriously. Here are seven times when it’s a good idea […]

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29th Jul 2015 | Published by Bond Brothers

Wedding Table Planning Made Easy by Bond Brothers

seating plan horiz

One of the most dreaded wedding-related tasks for every couple is coming up with the seating arrangements for the reception. The bigger your event, the harder it can be to figure out where to seat everyone in a way that will work for the room, and make all of your guests happy. Before you let […]

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23rd Jul 2015 | Published by Bond Brothers
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